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 · PDF 檔案An IEP has to be written so that you or anyone else working with your child can understand the issues being addressed on it. If you do not understand the IEP you should not give your written permission to implement the IEP. Under IDEA a parent must give
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The IEP team, including you, will meet to review the IEP recommendations given the new information. A reevaluation can also be requested by you or school staff, but will not take place more than one time a year unless you and the DOE agree otherwise in writing.
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34 CFR § 300.320
300.320 Definition of individualized education program. (a) General. As used in this part, the term individualized education program or IEP means a written statement for each child with a disability that is developed, reviewed, and revised in a meeting in and that
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IEP: Goals and Objectives
 · It is important for everyone on the IEP team to remember that goals and objectives are just that, they are based on the student’s current needs at the time they were made. However, we must not forget that goals and objectives can change and they are not set in stone.
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What is the Difference Between an IFSP and an IEP?

 · PDF 檔案An IEP is an education document for children ages 3 to 21. It focuses on special education and related services in schools. An IFSP is much broader. It is used for children from infancy through age 2, involves the family more, and may include professionals from
PPT - Definition of Special Education PowerPoint Presentation - ID:829579

The Individual Education Plan (IEP), A Resource Guide …

The Individual Education Plan (IEP), A Resource Guide (2004) This guide is intended to help teachers and others working with students with special needs to develop, implement, and monitor high-quality IEPs. A five-step process is recommended. Suggestions and
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Understanding IEP Goals

Understanding IEP Goals IEP goals are the specific details in your child’s plan that describe what they should accomplish during the school year. Since IDEA does not dictate what should be addressed in a child’s plan, the details are up to the team. This gives
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Annual Goals in the IEP
 · The IEP team must be able to tell if the goal has been reached, because the child’s performance can be counted, seen, heard, or somehow measured. Not surprisingly, writing IEP goals that are measurable challenges many an IEP team. You may find
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Who is on the IEP Team?
 · Perhaps one of the most confusing parts of special education law for parents (and some schools) is who is on the IEP team. There are both “mandatory” members of the IEP team as well as “permissive” members. IDEA makes this very clear. Mandatory Members
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Specifying Related Services in the IEP
 · It is that context, and IDEA’s own definition of related services, that will guide how a child’s IEP team considers what related services the child needs and the detail with which the team specifies them in the IEP.
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IEP vs. 504 Plan: What Is the Difference Between IEP and …

What is an IEP? What is a 504 Plan? Are they different? Learn about the differences between IEPs and 504 Plans, the laws behind each one, and the accommodati
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Individualized Education Program Guidance:Special …

 · The IEP must document the projected date the IEP will be implemented. Each student with a disability must have an IEP in effect at the beginning of each school year. There may be no delay in implementing a student’s IEP, including any case in which the payment source for providing or paying for special education services for the student is being determined.
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Understanding IEP Due Process

IDEA requires you to formally file for IEP due process within two years after you know of the dispute. If you do not file within two years, you lose your rights. During the hearing process, your child is entitled to remain in their current placement until you reach an agreement with the school, settle the matter through mediation or get a court decision.
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What is an IEP (or ILP)?
Once the IEP is in place and targeted support has been given, a review needs to take place to see what improvement, if any, is being made. A range of data should be used to assess the pupil’s progress, including exam and test results and lesson observations, as well as more subjective feedback from the pupil and parents.
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IEP Analysis – 1510 Words
 · The IEP should be designed specifically for the individual with a disability and focus on the improvement of his/her academic success, as well as social life. The plan should be based on special needs of the student and help student be involved in and successful in general curriculum.
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Standards-Based Individualized Education Program (IEP)

 · PDF 檔案The IEP goals must be aligned with grade-level content standards for all children with disabilities.” In 2011, the Virginia Department of Education introduced a standards-based IEP process as best practice for IEP development, and a guidance document was developed. As a result of recent